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As many of you know my great passion in life is to write stories that speak words of truth. Stories that have meaning because they share an undertone of honesty and transparency about the real issues women face today. The Broken Series was first created to convey a story about a group of friends that struggle to find peace in turbulent circumstances. These issues that are depicted in the series vary from abuse, sexual assault, depression, masochism, and eating disorders while also sharing a journey of love and friendship. 

I hope to do these characters justice when I communicate the depths of their struggles and heartbreak as I weave a story that is both thought provoking and enjoyable. I love writing stories (as well as reading stories) that make you laugh, bring you to tears, throw up your hands in exasperation, inspires you to fall in love over and over while at the same time giving you a new perspective to consider. That is what I hope to do every time I sit down to write, but in order to complete this series I need the help of my readers!

If you have your own story to tell and are willing to share please email me at will be compiling Letters from The Broken for my blog as well as my books. If you so choose to be a part of reaching out to others in similar circumstances you are welcome to send me the following details.

Your first name (no last names)
Your State or Province
Your consent to post online or in books

And most importantly YOUR PERSONAL LETTER!!

This will be a short testimony about the struggles you have faced or are facing presently that others may relate to. YOUR MESSAGE MAY HELP SOMEONE IN THE SAME SITUATION! Let your letter be your heart open to others, let it be a way for you to help those who need to find the courage to face their own heartbreaks, and let them be a message of honesty and transparency... Please write your letters for others to read for all ages (so keep your language as clean as you can for younger readers), keep them 1000 words or less, and only use first names for privacy reasons (as well as identity protection).

Send your letter to

Love, Amelia

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