The Face You See

The Face You See Book Reviews!

10:14 Amelia Legend 0 Comments

In swift and relatable prose, The Face You See juggles the many difficult topics and circumstances that young adults face.”

-Clarion Review

...those who have experienced or overcome traumas will find Dannie relatable and empowering ...”

In Legend’s debut novel, the first of a series, a high school student struggles to cope with her troubled family life as her budding friendship with a handsome transfer student grows more serious...It initially seems that this book will present yet another high school love triangle, but the plot surprises and unsettles those expectations. It moves past lighthearted teen drama to present a serious, emotionally affecting coming-of-age tale, strengthened by its protagonist’s subtle development ... Although this is the first novel in a series, it succeeds as a self-contained story about figuring out how to love while negotiating emotional barriers. Even so, many readers will find themselves curious to know what happens next.

An engaging contemporary romance, whose conflicted, nuanced heroine helps it transcend the conventions of its genre.”

-Kirkus Reviews

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